Abstract accepted

29 January, 12:40

MODERATORS: Michele Rossi – Najjar Taoufik

Primary Endpoints in Interventional Oncology clinical trials: towards a European consensus paper
(Lucio Fumi)

Liver tumor ablation using microwaves:
Scano-guided probe and automatic adjustment of frequency (Bouharati Imen)

Prognostic role of HepPar1-Positive circulating microparticles after hepatectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
(Caterina Mele)

Preclinical evaluation of novel inherently radiopaque beads for embolotherapy of liver tumors
(Rafael Duran)

30 January, 12:15

MODERATOR: Rafael Duran

Occlusafe balloon occlusion TACE in HCC treatment: initial experience (Roberto Nani)

Prognostic factors for survival in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing chemoembolization with doxorubicin drug-eluting beads
(Rok Dezman)

Post-embolization syndrome: no more unknown trouble (Giammaria Fiorentini)

30 January, 17:00

MODERATOR: Abdel Naser ElZouki

Transluminal biliary forceps biopsy: long term results from a single center experience (Riccardo Inchingolo)

ElectroChemoTherapy of Primary and Metastatic Tumors at Hepatic Hilum (Luciano Tarantino)