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  • Day 1 Monday - January 24, 2022

Symposium MIOLive MEETS SIO

Emerging Indications for Interventional Oncology – Head and neck cancer -Uei Pua – Breast cancer – Ping Liang – Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma – David Madoff – Lymphatics and lymph node metastases – Ernesto Santos – Bone metastases – Nick Kurup
9:05 am

Opening lecture

“Clinical responsibilities for Interventional Radiologists” TBC
9:20 am

I SESSION opening

Grand Jury: Laura Crocetti, Dimitrios Filippiadis, Nahum Goldberg



Early Stage HepatoCellularCarcinoma

INTERACTIVE MULTIDISCIPLINARY TREATMENT DECISION Early Stage Cases from MIOLive 2020: Were the experts right? What have we learned? Moderator: Roberto Iezzi – PANELISTS: Okan Akhan, Antonio Ascione, Laura Crocetti, Vladimir Dimov, Antonio Gasbarrini, Felice Giuliante, Nahum Goldberg, Maurizio Pompili DISCUSSANT: Dimitrios Filippiadis New CASES
10:20 am

Pre-recorded Demonstrative Case

LUIGI SOLBIATI – Augmented Reality & Liver Ablation